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Country : Nigeria
Summary : Party- Logistics Services
NGT Ref No : 48802545
Tender Notice No : LSMH/GMU/EOI/12/2020/LOT 6
Competition :ICB
Financier :Self Financed
Grant Management Unit, LSMOH GMU Office, Folarin Coker Staff Clinic, The Secretariat Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
Tender Details :Expression of Interest are invited for Party- Logistics Services Provide distribution and transit warehousing services for pharmaceutical products (medicines, laboratory consumables and reagents) Provide distribution services for durable and non-durable in vitro diagnostic products, microscopes and imaging equipment Provide distribution services for long lasting insecticidal treated nets; and consumables/ single use health products including condoms, insecticides, therapeutic nutritional support, general laboratory assets, injection syringes and other laboratory commodities. Provide distribution services for non-health products including but not limited to Information Technology and Communication Devices (ICTD) and Data Management Tools such as LMIS and NHMIS tools, program guidelines, registers etc. Movement of samples of biological nature both cold and non-cold chain Provide any other distribution services as required by the grant General Qualification: (i) Evidence of Registration with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with inclusion of Certificate of Incorporation and Articles of Association. (ii) Company profile and organizational structure with full name of organization and contact person, postal address, telephone fax numbers, and e-mail addresses. (iii) Evidence of company tax clearance for the last 3 years (2017-2019) (iv) Audited financial statements of the company for the years 2017-2019 (for Lot 6) and/or 6 months bank statement (Lot 1,2,3,4,5,7&8) (v) Bank Reference letter /Letter of good-standing from bank (vi) Verifiable evidence of 5 similar experiences (within a minimum of 3 years) with government, private or non-governmental organizations. (These should include award letters or evidence of satisfactory completion or progress for each experience indicated). Technical Criteria: (4.1) for Catering Services Only (i) Evidence of relevant certification and/or association affiliated with food safety such as personal Hygiene Regulations systems (PHR), Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) systems of food handling, etc. (ii) List of key catering staff with relevant qualification/certification (minimum of 2). Attach copies of certification or training. (4.2) FOR OFFICE STATIONERIES & CONSUMABLES ONLY (i) Not applicable (4.3) FOR PRINTER INKS AND CARTRIDGES (i) Evidence of partnership / distributorship/ dealership in Printer Inks and cartridges, toners from major manufacturers and or in-country representatives of the manufacturers. (4.4) FOR ICT REPAIRS (i) Evidence of authorization to repair/maintain product brand such as Sharp, HP, Dell, Samsung, Techno etc. (ii) Evidence of skills in the planning and execution of preventive and corrective maintenance. (iii) Experience in maintaining Printers, Photocopiers and Scanner Machines. (4.5) FOR HOTEL SERVICES (i) Evidence of licensing by Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC) or Lagos State Hotel Licensing Authority (LSHLA) or any other applicable license. (ii) List of key catering staff with relevant qualification/certification (minimum of 2) and their respective qualifications, Attach copies of certification/ training. (4.6) FOR 3RD PARTY LOGISTICS SERVICES (i) The CV of key personnel (including that of the Pharmacist/Medical Laboratory Scientist who will supervise the distribution rounds. (ii) Verifiable evidence of presence or work experience in Lagos State. (iii) Availability of a transit warehouse in Lagos (iv) Copy of a valid goods-in-transit/ comparable insurance worth not less than 50 million naira (v) Availability of an Electronic Real time monitoring System (vi) Evidence of capacity to conduct large scale distribution by indicating vehicle details and tonnage capacity. (4.7) AIR CONDITIONER REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE (i) List of key technicians and their relevant training/certification. (4.8) VEHICLE REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE (i) Evidence of organization-s relevant certification in the repairs and service of vehicles from a leading vehicle manufacturer such as Toyota. (ii) List of key technicians and their relevant training/certification. Submission: The EOI document should include: An original copy and two (2) other copies of Expression of Interest which shall be delivered in a sealed envelope clearly marked: “EOI Catering Service” or “EOI Stationeries and Office Consumables” or “EOI Printer Inks and cartridges” or “EOI ICT Repairs” or “EOI Hotel Service” or “EOI 3rd Party Logistics Service” or “EOI Air conditioner Repair” or “EOI Vehicle Repair”
Deadline :21st Jan 2021
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